Lamitech Inc.
2110 Route 27, Edison, NJ 08817
Phone: (866) 878-7708
Fax: (732) 819-8282

Lamitech is a heavy weight board Laminator. They can laminate
all kinds of board grades from 25 point to 125 point calipers.
They stock boards in these caliper ranges in black chipboard,
pressure sensitive board, SBS board, standard chip board
and gray news board. They will sheet the board grades you
are looking for to the sizes you need at reasonable order minimums.

They stock the following grades and items for fast sheeting and service:
Solid black chip board in 30pt, 40pt, 60pt, 80pt, 120pt.  100% recycled.
Plain chip board in 18pt up to 200pt. 100% recycled.
White vat lined (chip middle white uncoated outer) 1 side in 46pt. and 55pt. 100% recycled.
White vat lined (chip middle white uncoated outer) 2 side in 50pt.  100% recycled.
Earth Board  (gray news middle white coated outer) 2 side in 50pt.  100% recycled.
Poly Guard Board (water resistant coating for outdoor use) in 24pt and 50pt.
Thru White Board (SBS) in 24pt, 30pt, 36pt, 50pt, 72pt.

Lamitech Can laminate all kinds of paper to all kinds of boards on a custom basis. If you are interested in customized grades or you need samples please click here to contact a Paper Solutions representative for assistance.

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