An Important Announcement from Larry Kashuk, regarding changes at Paper Solutions

It is with great pleasure that I announce the following changes in our organization. For over 30 years Paper Solutions has been representing all types of Paper Manufacturers and selling those products to the Paper Distributors in the Western United States. We trust that this has been a great service to both the manufacturers and to you. This is all about to change. 

Starting on March 1st, 2016 Both Ben Kashuk and Myself will be going to work directly for Spinnaker Coating, your # 1 Supplier of Pressure Sensitive materials. I will be going to Spinnaker as their North American Director of Sales for the Merchant Business and will be responsible for directing the sales force in Canada and in the USA. I will always be available to you to assist in the day to day needs of your Pressure Sensitive Business but the person with direct account responsibility for the West will be Ben Kashuk. We will work together for this first year to ensure a smooth transition. He has been with me selling Spinnaker products for over 3 years and he knows his stuff and will be a great asset to you. 

Our phone numbers and Email addresses are noted below:
Larry Kashuk (714) 679-4831, 
Ben Kashuk (714) 317-0756,

I end this announcement as I began it. It is with great pleasure that we start a new position in the great industry we have all built, worked and succeeded in for so many years. We look forward to our future efforts together. Please feel free to call or contact Ben and I on anything you need moving forward. See you in the field and thank you for your friendship and support. 
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